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Country & Continent of Origin: United States (America)

Fuel Pump Primary Circuit


Symptoms of a P0230 DTC may include: MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) illumination No start condition No fuel pump operation Fuel pump runs all the time with ignition on


Potential causes of a P0230 code include: Short to ground on control circuit Fuel pump control circuit open Short to battery voltage on control circuit Harness chafing causing one of above conditions Bad relay Bad PCM


Command the fuel pump on and off by using a scan tool or simply turning the ignition key on and off without starting the engine. If the fuel pump activates and deactivates, then start the vehicle and measure the current on the control (ground) circuit for


The fuel pump is activated by a PCM-controlled relay. Just as the name implies, a "relay" permits the transmittal of higher amperage current to the fuel pump without that current having to travel through the PCM (Powertrain Control Module). For obvious re