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Kia Information

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Country & Continent of Origin: Korea (Asia)

Injector Circuit/Open - Cylinder 4


The symptoms for this code will likely be a misfire and a rough running engine. Poor acceleration. The MIL will also be illuminated.


The causes of a P0204 engine light code could be any of the following: Bad injector. This is usually the cause of this code but doesn't rule out the possibility of one of the other causes Open in the wiring to the injector Short in the wiring to the


First, using a DVOM check the resistance of the injector. If it isn't within specs, then replace the injector. Check for voltage at the fuel injector connector. It should have 10 volts or more. Visually check the connector for damage or broken wires.


P0204 means that the PCM detected a fault in the injector or the wiring to the injector. It monitors the injector and when the injector is activated, the PCM expects to see the voltage pulled "low" or close to zero. When the injector is switched off, the