It’s a common problem, your Mercedes transmission is stuck in gear and is in a form of Emergency Limp Home Mode.

Typically most Mercedes made in the last 15 years have one of two transmission types fitted:

The 5G and 7G Tronic, 5 and 7 speed automatic transmission unit’s repetitively.





Changing the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles is in our opinion the only way to maintain the performance of the transmission without needing a transmission overhaul during the vehicles useful life.

Failure to change the fluid won’t cause an immediate effect but we guarantee it will mean when the transmission starts to fail you will wish you had done it earlier.

Form £95 the transmission can be flushed and the fluid completely renewed. You will notice smoother changes quite often faster changes too, what’s better is you’ll notice these things from the moment you pull away



It’s in Limp mode, what should I do?


Stop driving the car, you will only do more damage. Don’t ignore the fault and hope for the best, it won’t get better on its own.

Sometimes the fault goes away when you turn the car off, it’s not fixed itself! The fault occurred don’t be a fool and ignore it, you’ll end up replacing all the internals with that sort of mentality.



Free Recovery for Mercedes Transmission Faults


We provide free UK recovery for all Mercedes Transmission faults. Naturally we’re not offering recovery for a service at £95 but recovery for when a transmission has failed.

If you have a Mercedes transmission fault we can provide you with a free Mercedes Courtesy car whilst our factory trained technicians diagnose and repair the problem with your vehicle.

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