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ECU Bench Testing

Each car is installed with several ECU units. ECU stands for “Engine Control Unit” there is an ECU for your engine management, one for your dashboard/lights, one for your gearbox etc etc. The engine ECU’s are also known as ECM (Engine Control Module). An ECU is responsible for all the electronic signals passed back and forward to the vehicle. Without an ECU your engine would not start. Manufacturers have begun coding all ECU’s to the vehicles they are installed on to cut down on crime as many people realised how expensive these units can be and began breaking into vehicles.

An ECU from main dealer can typically cost around £1000 despite the fact that ECU’s are rarely manufactured by the car manufacturers. In most cases the manufacturer of your unit will be Siemens or Bosch. As ECU repair specialists we are capable of fixing your existing unit or supplying a refurbished unit with the same level of guarantee for a lot less money! We keep many ECU’s in stock ready to be exchanged. If we don’t have a unit for exchange ready in stock and we are unable to repair your own unit, we can source a replacement unit for you although obviously this can have timescale implications subject to availability.

Why spend £1000′s on a new ECU which will come with a 12 month warranty when we can repair your own unit or provide a replacement saving you money whilst offering the same warranty!

Not sure whether or not it is your ECU at fault?
We can test your ECU unit and find out! However we need detailed information about the symptoms and the diagnostic procedures already carried out if we are to be expected to provide you with any accurate diagnosis.

Worried the fault is intermittent and may not show up?
We will test your unit for several hours if an intermittent fault is suspected and keep testing until we either experience it or are completely satisfied that the ECU is not at fault!