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South Wales Leading Independent German and Performance Specialists

Unrivaled Expertise

Expert Advice and Service from a team offering the kind of service you no longer get from a franished dealer

The Prestige Experts

DATSC offer unrivalled diagnostic & repair capablities for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VAG & Super Cars in South Wales. A One Stop Shop!

Performance Specialists

Whether its a V6 Mercedes AMG, a big V8 BMW, a V12 Ferrari Pedigree or any other power engine, DATSC have the experience to help you.

Dealer Alternative

DATSC aren't the only independent specialist in South Wales but we firmly believe we offer the most comprehensive alternative to the dealer.


A Garage you can Trust

German & Performance Dealer Alternative

We offer consumers all the services and repairs offered by the franchised dealer plus some.

Why Choose DATSC Free Courtesy Cars

Expert Repair Services

Servicing & Maintenance, Repairs, Advanced Diagnostics, ECU Testing & Tuning

You will struggle to find another independent brand specific specialist offering the extensive level of works available at DATSC. We focus on providing the solution whatever the problem.

DATSC Repairs

Forget the Dealer

German & Performance Dealer Alternative

DATSC are a garage of specialist technicians who share a deep passion for cars and fixing them. We focus on providing a high quality service rather than a glossy showroom and lots of men in suits.
If you're looking for a garage that understands not just your car but shares you passion then its us!


Customer Service

Making new associations & building credence

We work with our customers to establish a relationship built on trust and good value for money so that you have a port of call to rely on for all your motoring needs.

Through our work and customer service we aim to convince you to return year after year.

Advanced Diagnostics

When it comes to Automotive problem solving we think our team are in a league of their own, which is probably why we can count so many franchised dealerships as our customers.

Dealer Level Tooling

We have the very latest dealer and aftermarket diagnostic equipment.

DATSC provides diagnostic coverage even on the very latest 2016 models using our brand specific manufacturer designed software incorporating guided diagnostic test plans and live data analysis to aid prompt accurate fault analysis.

Advanced Fault Finding

DATSC Cardiff is able to pinpoint the most complex automotive problems.

Licensed Technical data from the manufacturers and experienced staff keep us at the forefront of diagnostics. We have all the wiring diagrams and specifications making testing and repairs much more efficient and cost effective.

Professional Workshop

Probably South Wales' largest and best equipped Automotive Diagnostic Centre.

Two in-house electronics labs, extensive scan equipment, guided test plans & a multitude of technical data combined with our clean, modern workshop and competant accomplished technicians really gives us an edge

10% Off

On-Line Servicing estimates and bookings.

Get a no-obligation estimate for your cars service or brakes and we will apply a special offer 10% discount when booked online.

  • Concise & Clear Estimates
  • Quality High Spec Parts & Fluids
  • Fully Warrantied & Guaranteed
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Tuning by DATSC

Custom in-house Tuning for German and Performance vehicles

Performance Tuning

Performance engine tuning and custom remaps written & applied by South Wales' leading experts. Subject to a free initial consultation.

EGR, DPF & Swirl Flaps

DATSC provides a complete range of advanced EGR, DPF and Swirl Flap solutions from mechanical alteration to software modifications

Dyno Figures

We've tuned most German cars in production within the last 20 years & we've got torque & horsepower Dyno data (before & after).